Web Analytics

Careful monitoring and analysis of audience behavior will help increase your project effectiveness.

What Is It?

Web analytics is a system of measuring, collecting, analyzing, presenting, and interpreting information about website visitors to improve and optimize it. The primary task of web analytics is to monitor website traffic and audience behavior to determine further development and expansion of the site functionality. Web analytics allows us to work on improve your website and effectively optimize the online promotion budget.


Business Goal Discussion With the Client

At the start of any project, website efficiency metrics (KPIs) are set depending on target business goals. You can influence the visitors' activities and choose their priority actions: service orders from your site, products added to carts, contacts page visits. We will find the indicators which can evaluate your business results on the Internet.

Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics Installation and Integration

These tools will give you a complete picture of your website visitors and their activities. Knowing your business goals, we will collect the necessary data in Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

We analyze the sales funnel of your website and identify when and why users leave it. We look at traffic, content pages, advertising campaign effectiveness, site usability, and user behavior.

Customer Segmentation

Using modern machine learning methods, we segment users to configure certain targeting goals for each of the selected groups. ML methods make decisions based on each individual customer automatically and in real-time, which allows us to quickly track all of the segments.